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September 2014

Notice from the Trust

It is with regret that the Trustees have accepted the resignation of our Honorary Secretary and Trustee, Mrs M.I.C. Richardson, with effect from the 31st December 2014. We would like to thank Marian for all the work she has done for the Trust for several years, in particular bringing to it's deliberations an incisive, legal mind, which has clarified many issues for us. We wish her all the very best for the future.

At the same time we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. J.D.D. Macfarlane as Trustee and Honorary Secretary. Douglas served previously as a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer and has retained an ongoing interest in the Trust and its endeavours. He will take up the appointment with effect from the 1st of January 2015 and we look forward to welcoming his input.