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The Grassmarket Community Project

The Grassmarket Community Project evolved as a result of a partnership between the Grassmarket Mission and Greyfriars Community Project which was a community outreach program of Greyfriars Kirk. The project is about supporting people through transitions in their lives and about re-connecting disengaged people, giving them a hand-up rather than just a hand-out.

Grassmarket Community Project offers a mixture of education programs, drop-in services, social enterprise and social integration activities. Currently these are delivered through cookery, gardening, woodwork (through the GROW initiative), art, music and textiles programs. Free meals are served to participants in the project as well as those in need.

The Grassmarket Mission provides financial support to the project and has agreed to do so until it is able to establish the revenue streams it needs to support itself.

As part of our ongoing committment to them the Grassmarket Mission have made a substantial contribution toward the funding for construction of the Greyfriars Kirkhouse Extension which will continue to house the project and expand the number and range of community projects and services that can be offered.